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Backpacking Pakistan Travel Guide 2019

Backpacking in Pakistan is a one of a kind adventure, this is a country which will raise many an eyebrow and steal many a heart&hellip The only danger with backpacking Pakistan is not wanting to leave.


Before I went backpacking in Pakistan, The media has painted the country in an unfortunate light, a fact most Pakistanis are painfully aware of. Wherever I went, I was greeted by friendly faces and incredibly helpful people. Combine that with relatively cheap travel costs, plentiful treks and truly stunning mountains and you have one hell of a great backpacking destination. The security situation in Pakistan is currently under control and, with the exception of the Afghanistan border regions, most of the country is perfectly safe to visit.


The Pakistani people are very generous and you will be plied with ridiculous amounts of free food and chai. The friends I made in Pakistan remain some of the best I have made on this trip Pakistanis have a great sense of humour and many of them are real adventure travel enthusiasts.


For the entire travel guide for backpackers, please see the link below

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