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How Instagrammers Are Helping Promote Tourism In Pakistan

Despite having a somewhat complicated image being portrayed by the media, Pakistan has surely been making its name in the news. The tourism industry in Pakistan has been gradually gaining recognition. We ought to thank the enthusiasts, locals and foreigners who dare to live the adventure!


This week we checked out some accounts that have been highlighting the lighter side of Pakistan. Here&rsquos a visual representation through their eyes and well&hellip their awesome photography skills.


1. mazharnazirphotography

Featuring the various places within Pakistan that are worth visiting. This account has been highlighting the true beauty the country has. Panoramic views of some of the popular and even the not so famous mountains. Mesmerizing valleys and rivers are being showcased in such a way that portrays a positive image of the South Asian country.


2. azmatnaseer

On a brighter note, another photographer making waves through his art being featured in his pictures and Pakistan&rsquos beautiful landscapes. You will also witness people and the culture in all its glory. The different sites to visit in different seasons. Also, various recreational spots and what mother nature has gifted this country. He has captured it pretty well.


For more instagrammers who are promoting Pakistan, please see the link below. 

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